Li Lian

Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Doggies’ Day Out


    From left to right: Wooster, Mandarin, Tango and Boo Boo.

    On their way for a jungle walk at Fraser’s Hill. I didn’t tag along. It’s just something that MY sister does….. They are all wearing bright clothes too in case they wander off to the woods, they’d be easier to spot.

  • Deliciously Cute!

    That is how Gwen Stefani described us Malaysians at her concert in Bukit Jalil, KL last night.

    Her son, Kingston, she says, is the most DELICIOUS THING in the world.

    Her performance lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. She is so fit. Her arms are inspiration enough for anyone to get going to the gym! And she must have so much energy to be singing and dancing for that period of time.

    Gwen Stefani is delicious herself. She looks exactly as she does on MTV! No touching up or camera tricks on her videos. Her hair, IS really so blonde and shiny. And she is VERY tall. Such presence, such energy.

    I enjoyed her concert, truly.

    I am beginning to like that word, DELICIOUS!

  • Maintenance – Part I

    Out for dinner with my friends the night before, we got about to talking about people we know, and people who know people, who’d undergone cosmetic and/or plastic surgery to enhance the way they look.

    I did a quick search on this topic, and I was not surprised to find out that the amount spent on cosmetic and plastic surgery amounts to $12.4 billion in 2005.

    Top 5 cosmetic procedures are – botox, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and spider vein treatment.

    Top 5 surgical procedures are – liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and the tummy tuck.

    I do not aspire to look drop dead gorgeous. I will put surgical procedures on hold till later in life when I decide to turn back the clock.

    However, I do want to look somewhat presentable – in case I bump into an old classmate or an old crush. And so I have to juggle my time attending to my daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance regime. Absolutely status quo.

    On hair – I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I hate my incorrigible hair, and it’s my crowning glory. I spend the most time on my hair. I have tried various products and devices that is suppose to enable me to manage my own hair, tried various perms and haircuts, short of shaving my head, and I have not found this miracle. Going to the hairdresser to have my hair washed, and styled with the hair dryer is the closest I have come to achieving manageable hair. And life goes on, as I try to manage getting my hair done every other day, and a bond is formed with my hairdresser. Each hair session costs RM5.00

    On unwanted hair – There’s the tweezing, and plucking, and various hair removal creams, and ouch! Waxing… I have not braved shaving yet, and I don’t think I will.

    Nails – I am a nail biter. To prevent myself from chewing my fingers, I get a manicure, and paint my nails a nice colour. But that lasts only a week, and I’d be back to chewing my nails. For longer lasting coloured nails and bite-proof nails, I get gel nails. Perfect looking nails for 4 weeks!

    Skin – My shelf is filled with jars and bottles. My bathroom counter is filled with more jars and bottles of all types of creams, serum, gels for anti-aging, whitening, firming, slimming, anti-cellulite, detoxing, cleansing, double-cleansing, toning, and the list goes on. Do I ever get round to using every single thing? Hardly. But I still spend 45 minutes getting ready for bed everyday as I slather on my claimed wondrous potions.

    Exercise – Not a believer of competitive sport, the gym would be the best place for me to boost my fast depleting metabolism. And after 2 years of going to the gym, I gave up my gym membership in exchange for a glidex. I thought I’d get the best workout in my room, telly in front of me, and the glidex – my arms and legs all working out in perfect tandem. I was so wrong. I’ve used it all of 5 times. My sister bought the i-gallop, a mechanical seat that rocks back and forth and right and left, mimicking the motions and promises to give you the same workout as horse riding. Now another piece of furniture that sits in front of the telly, unused. My exercise regime now consists of feeble attempts at Budokon, a combination of yoga and martial arts. Despite the adrenaline rush, the glowing after feel of a good workout, and statuesque posture following each session, I get round to practising Budokon once a week.

  • 3 Interesting Facts

    And I never knew this till my friend shared it with me:

    1. The only mamal that cannot jump is an elephant. They can be trained to balance on a ball, they can dance on two feet, but they cannot jump!

    2. All polar bears are left-pawed.

    3. No human can kiss their elbow. Go ahead and try it.

  • My Daily Commute – The Joy and The Agony

    I spend 98 minutes a day travelling in my car. I travel a distance of 20km. This is the distance from home to work and back. In a year, I’d be spending at least 400 hours in my car, getting to work. This would certainly justify for commuting as being a negative experience.

    My mental and physical well-being would well be at risk if not for the little pleasures I seek from being stuck in traffic.

    I use this time to sort my mail and bills. I get to do some reading- I always carry a book wherever I go- or read the latest gossips in magazines. I am fascinated and intrigued by the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Even more so by their outfits, but that’s another story.

    Back to productive things to do whilst stuck in commute, planning my day, I listen to the radio (it helps if the DJ is funny and entertaining), I’ll try to squeeze in a crossword puzzle, but I am not very good with them and I sing-a-long. My vocals are exceptionally good when I am my only audience in the car.

    Being stuck in traffic would not be on my list of favourite things to do. Making my commute more pleasurable and productive is what stops me from getting out of my car and whacking the hell out of the idiot driver next to me with my umbrella or smashing his or her windows in!

    And I start my breathing exercises to calm down.