Li Lian

Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Oh So Hungry…

    Over the past 1 week, I am constantly feeling hungry. In fact, I am feeling hungry again. I just had lunch 2 hours ago.

    I am just insatiable! I am eating every meal regularly, and I snack. So, how can I possibly want more food? How can I still be hungry? My hunger is turning in to an obsession. All I am thinking about is satisfying my hunger, and cravings. Craving of this very moment – hokkien mee!

    And so I get to thinking – is this REAL hunger I am feeling? Or am I just being greedy? What is hunger suppose to feel like?

    The dictionary describes hunger as the discomfort, pain or weakness caused by need for food. And I’ve been told that hunger makes you depressed, weak, moody, crabby and light headed. Sometimes, the stomach may start to rumble. I have none of these feelings. I just want to eat something!!!

    I know it’s ok to be hungry. But REALLY, I don’t need the extra calories, nor do I think that this constant feeling of hunger is normal or good for me.

    So I am going to try a few appetite suppressing techniques that will include avoiding refined carbohydrates (no more crisps and chocolates!!!), getting plenty of natural sunlight, drinking lots of water and eating more fibre.

    Apparently, the body cannot tell the difference from whether we have eaten 2 bowls of rice or 2 bowls of vegetables. No guessing which is the healthier option!

    So, for the next 1 week, I am going to focus on filling myself up with fibre, and trying out appetite suppressing foods. Not that I expect to totally eliminate my hunger and cravings, but I figured I should start somewhere.

    Appetite suppressing foods that I know of is water, apples, vegetables and protein shake. It doesn’t sound very exciting, and that is what I am going to eat each time I am feeling hungry. Will it work? I don’t know yet – but I’ll start tomorrow and stick to it for one week. I am going to keep a food diary as well so I can astonish myself with what I am actually eating.

    Wish me luck!

  • BFF’s

    Like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,
    Bonnie and Clyde,
    Paris and Nicole,
    and everything else that goes together…..
    Best Friends Forever…..

    This, of course, is a distortion of reality!

  • Tango Boy!

    Dear Tango,

    You are going on 9 years old now. And until the last 6 months, you’ve never owned a bed. And now, you have TWO! beds. And you behave and lounge in your bed like you’ve ALWAYS! had a bed.

    Now all you do, is lie in bed all day. It is such an effort for you to even come greet me in the morning before I go off to work. Because all you do is LIE IN BED!

    Tango Boy, I must say, you’re turning in to quite THE SLOB!

    And even then, Tango Boy, we all LOVE! you so – especially Karen Kow.

    Li Lian.

  • Unimpressed

    The only thing that will impress Boo Boo Kow enough to get him out of bed would be BISCUITS!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    I drive a CHILLI red car, and her name is Little Red Riding Hood.

    Little Red Riding Hood gets assaulted quite a bit when on the road. There are a lot of maniac drivers out there. I may be one of them too, a psycho-illogical-aggressive driver. And each time I am on the verge of asserting my illogical aggressive driving skills, and being intentionally nasty, I take a deep breath and remind myself of the possible consequences.

    What if I honk loudly, stick my finger up at the other driver as I drive past and whilst giving him the death stare, I realise he is a friend, or a friend of a friend, or my mother’s friend?! As luck would have it, I’d probably be introduced to this person whom has seen my meanest side 2 hours later – and he’d turn out to be a client or a family friend!

    What if I antogonize a mentally unstable person that would force me into a car race with him? He’d chase me down and make me drive myself off a cliff!

    What if he were mentally unstable AND has a photographic memory, and the next time he sees my car parked somewhere, anywhere, recognises Little Red Riding Hood, and proceeds to slash her wheels and smash her windows and mirrors? What if he hunts ME down?

    And what if it were a little old lady, or old man that has no family left in the world to drive them around. And with whatever eye sight they have left, they have to drive themselves around- slowly, dangerously offending everyone else, but very surely- to their destination? I would never be able to forgive myself then!

    So, next time we decide to be a nasty driver – THINK TWICE!