Li Lian

Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Breakfast for Champions

    In case you haven’t realised, I’m a big fan of Starbucks. And I consider having a coffee from Starbucks most mornings an absolute treat! For champions!

    And Christmas is coming! Isn’t their Christmas cup just so pretty – and well, Christmas-sy?

    Ahhhh……. Joyful.

    And their Christmas drink is the Toffee Nut Latte – and it’s absolutely deeeeee-li-cious! It’s even more addictive than my usual Mocha! Go try it!

  • Gut Wrenching, Heart Breaking

    I cried and felt worthless and hopeless as a pair of bright green eyes stared at me, bathed in a pool of blood. It’s tail still swishing about, as it tried to get up and out of harm’s way. It was trying really hard to get up. But to no avail!

    I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach, rolled over by steam-roller, and my heart ripped out and stomped on! I felt like I was going in to an asthma attack!

    I was the first car at the traffic lights at the t-junction in Bangsar, where the McD’s is. And there was absolutely nothing I could do to help the little cat. I am sure all cats go to heaven. And I hope kitty didn’t have to endure much more pain. You’re a real fighter! Rest in peace. And forgive me.

  • Road Menace

    Ever noticed how traffic on the fast lane suddenly slows down drastically all because of ONE car that decides to drive at less than 15km/hr. On the fast lane! And as you overtake them, you notice – Oh. My. Lord. – this MORON! has slowed down to speak on the phone!

    Just as bad, this same MORON! is so engrossed in his phone conversation he fails to hear other cars honking at him, and is blind to the cars behind him! You got to be kidding me!

    And sometimes, there are some serious nutheads who just drive slowly on the fast lane for no apparent reason than to cause an accident or a serious pile-up!

    Seriously, there should be ‘SLOW’ traps just as there are speed traps.

    Common sense! Driving sense! Any form of sense! PLEASE!

    Is driving slowly just as dangerous as driving fast? I certainly think so.

    Written in fury! Inspired by a motherf*#ker speaking on the phone, driving 10km/hr on the fast lane with a speed limit of 80km/hr.

  • Getting Organised

    I arrived at Ikea at 10.05am this morning to avoid the crowd. The trip was worth it.

    As part of my mission to get my mess organised, this is what I accomplished.

    For my magazines;

    For my bathroom, my many many creams and lotions;

    And my other purchases, INCLUDING! a liquid hand soap dispenser;

  • 1 Down, 1 More To Go

    I had my wisdom tooth removed today. It was starting to decay*, so I was strongly advised by my dentist to have it removed. I’d put off removing it for 15 years. And now, no longer should it wait.

    The entire ordeal lasted an hour.

    It started with an application of a numbing gel. Waited for 3 minutes for it to take effect. This is followed by an injection to anaesthesize the area.** 2 injections with a one inch needle. It felt like an ant bite. Followed by another 2 injections of which I am not able to feel now. Waited another 3 minutes for it to fully take action. And the process starts.

    My dentist said he was just going to shake it aound a bit, to see if he could shake it off. I knew as soon as he stood up that a simple task it was not going to be. He probably needed to stand up so that he can use more force, and for better leverage. I didn’t feel anything else but pressure. Then he asks for pliers, and his assistant held my head firmly so that he could tug real hard at my tooth without yanking my head from my neck at the same time. Yank, yank, yank! Off it comes! Ok, still no pain.

    There was a bit of ‘root’ that had broken off and still embedded inside.*** The little bugger just would not come out. Knock-knock, shake-shake, yank a bit. Shake about some more, and it was still stuck. My dentists reassures me it’s on it’s way out, just a little bit more, and we’ll be done. Still no pain. 20 minutes later (but what felt like 2 hours), and the entire process is finally over! Good thing too. My jaw was starting to feel over-stretched!

    2 hours later, before the anesthetic wore off, I popped a painkiller.**** I wasn’t go to wait for the pain to kick in first. 3 hours after that, I was starving but did not dare eat as the new hole in my mouth was still bleeding. I was starting to feel pain. And the painkiller is supposedly meant to last 24 hours. Con job! Take a nap. By the time I woke up, I was ready to eat. Went out for a bite, but it was so frustrating to chew on one side, and so gently, I gave up after awhile. Sigh.

    I’ve taken another painkiller. The area still feels a little numb, and definitely a gap where my wisdom tooth used to be. I don’t know yet if there is going to be any pain tomorrow. Sigh, again.

    Still hungry, but think I will go to bed soon. That’s one wisdom tooth out, and the one on my left side has started to decay too. So I’ll have to do it all over again! 1 more to go!

    Do I brush my teeth?

    * See picture, the black yucky bit was the part that had started to decay.
    ** BLESS! the person who invented anaesthetics.
    *** See also same picture, little bit of tooth covered in blood.
    **** It is a very strong painkiller, but not a codeine based one, so no ‘high’!