Li Lian

Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Port Dickson

    Doesn’t Port Dickson look gorgeous? Taken at sunset – about 645pm.

    Well – when you’re actually there – it’s filthy… people throw garbage everywhere! And sandflies aplenty – and once you get bit by one, the itch lasts for up to 10 days… so my sister says. She’s a victim of ‘female’ sandflies, and has been researching them extensively.

  • RM101.00 Bak Kut Teh for 3 persons @ Pao Xiang, Pavillion KL

    V: What would you like for lunch?
    Me: The bak kut teh at Pavillion.
    V: Can we go somewhere cheaper if you plan to have BKT?
    Me: No – I want to eat in place with air-conditioning….. Or we could go to Klang.
    V: No – Klang too far.

    So Pavillion it was.

    Pricey. For small portions.

    The chilli padi was excellent.

    The soup was thick and delicious – that leaves that oily sticky feeling on your lips. They refilled your soup when it runs out.

    No sweating. Very comfortable.

  • More Hipstamatic!

    This is a photo I took of Ken and Barbie;

    This is a photo that Barbie took of me @ Coffee Bean;

    And this is the cutest coolest PANDA pen drive that Ken got for me;

  • My husband’s hobby

    This is what he does everyday… every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every night… How intense is he when he is using his blackberry?

    This photo is taken using the iPhone that he got for me… with Hipstamatic application that I paid for @ USD1.99.

    I am loving it!

    The camera application – not his hobby!