For a 63 year old, he SURE has the stamina. He sang for over 2 hours, and his short fingers conquered and swept over the piano keys at the speed of lightning.

For the first hour, it was a little less exciting for me. Maybe because I didn’t know those songs. And as he began to warm up the second half of the show, I could understand why he is an icon that is still around after three decades.

He stands up from the piano and the crowd roars! He points one finger at the crowd, and they go wild! He points TWO fingers at them, and they are ready to tear the place down just to get closer to him! He waves, and jumps up to sit on the piano – by which time, the crowd is probably ready to pee their pants! While thumping their chests with their fists, Tarzan style.

And this scenario lasts throughout the concert.

THIS! Is about having PRESENCE. This! Is about engaging the crowd. He lifts a finger, and he makes you think he’s lifting his finger FOR YOU! To be able to have the attention of 20,000 in the audience, tell me if that is not magic!

There was a lot of crazy dancing going on as well. Arms flailing everywhere, bums swaying, jumping. My head spinning, as everything becomes a blur in buffoons-ville.

Guess I was wrong about Elton’s fans being that of the elder to be dancing manically.

Anyways… I really enjoyed myself. He is indeed an icon, and an excellent performer.