We’ve grown livers, bladders, hearts and blood vessels in labs for transplant.

And now we’re going to grow a piece of meat for food?

If it tastes just like chicken, or beef – but it was GROWN! Would you eat it? Would you?!

It’s skipped the entire process from egg to chicken, or baby cow to big cow. BUT IT IS JUST LIKE, A PIECE OF MEAT, CULTURED AND TASTES JUST LIKE CHICKEN OR BEEF!

Eating a drumstick from a chicken that was never an egg? That would eliminate the ‘chicken or egg’ debate of course!

Eating steak that has never moo-ed?


I’m feeling kinda sick – and don’t think I could eat that.

Ha! Says me who eats meat that has been slaughtered! Mercilessly? Mercifully?

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