Dearest Olivia,

It’s been a long while since I have updated my blog.

You have been keeping me busy. Mostly.

You know how to say three words – MaMa and PaPa…And Yee Yee. Occassionally, you will say kai-kai, bear-bear, bubbles, mam-mam… You communicate by pointing at whatever it is your heart desires, you eh-eh-eh-eh till we have given you everything and you finally decide you didn’t want anything to begin with… You scream and cry with no tears when you don’t want something… You throw your entire body back as if possesed when you are displeased. When you don’t want to be carried you will make your body limp so that we cannot get a good grip on you.

You chuckle when you think you have done something funny. You chuckle when your yee-yee and I are talking, and you think we have been talking about something funny. I love your chuckle… hearty, straight from your gut.

You still love dancing.

You hug us, you kiss us… and you pat our backs. You blow us kisses – we call them flying kisses. Your flying kisses are everywhere for almost everyone… and you make a ‘muak’ sound when I remind you to give a kiss with a sound.

You know what your PaPa does every morning….. Pffftttttt….. Pfttttt….. you will tell us, and you follow this with a big smile and that gorgeous sounding chuckle of yours.

You have a smile that will light up your entire face when you see something that you like. You have a cheeky smile when you know you are attempting something cheeky, like pretending you want to feed mama a cookie. You will snatch it away in the nick of time as I want to close my mouth around it.

Instead of shaking your head ‘no’ to everything, you have just learnt how to say yes. You don’t just nod your head. You nod your entire body, so it looks like you are bowing. When I am giving you your milk, and you appear to have stopped suckling, I will ask you if you have finished, you will look at me and shake your head ‘no’. And I will then go on to ask you if you think mama’s milk is yummy, and you do the body nod indicating mama’s milk is yummy. Oh, bless you.

We took you on your second holiday to Bali Рand I dare say you did have a fantastic time! Seeing the sea and feeling the sand between your toes for the first time.  Though it did take you awhile to get used to the sand, and you were a bit worried about the ocean waves.

You have taught me that it is possible to feel this kind of love… That just feels never ending.

I am having so much fun with you.


I love you so much.

Love, MaMa.