Dearest Olivia,

I wish and pray for you all the love, happiness and joy in the world.

You’re mummy’s big girl now… Drinking your milk from a cup with a straw, knowing what you want when you want. Pointing at things you want, pointing to where you want to go and when we don’t bring you there you will squirm and squirm till we have no choice to put you down so you can go get it yourself.

Even then, dare I say… I think you are an absolute pleasure to be with! I cannot get enough of you! Your smile, your hearty laugh, your giggles – your overall cuteness and adorable-ness!

You don’t realize it of course, and you cannot imagine the joy you bring to those around you!

I took this picture of you and PaPa on your birthday. Only you can make your PaPa smile the way he is smiling in this picture.


And about your cuteness; this is you going – OMG!!! Are all these presents really mine?!!!


I love you, Mummy.