And I tweeted this morning about me totally marrying the guy that will give me a playlist of songs proclaiming his love for me.

That’s free – right? I am so cheap.

Oh, but I am already married, so I can’t be marrying the guy with the playlist.

And then I received some flowers this morning – and I had to check if they were from my husband?

Is that what being married does to you?

I guess I married the right guy after all…

Why the heck am I guessing? I KNOW I married the right guy…

I was watching Valentine’s Day – and there was this line about loving someone for everything they are – the good and the bad, it’s the whole package or something like that… I was paying attention, but not really…..

Anywhos, anyways…

Marriage is…..Love is… I don’t know what it is yet! I am still finding out. Sometimes its so easy – you never doubt for a second the person you are with is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, to grow old with, to be with no matter what. And sometimes – it can be hard. Why should being nice to someone you love be hard? It shouldn’t be – right?

If you know the answer… Pray tell.

Meanwhile – this thing called LOVE… Sometimes makes me want to break some walls with my bare fists!

Happy Valentine’s Day.