Dearest Olivia,

You have been cruising for almost three months, and you do not seem ready to walk. And I am in no hurry for you to walk either. Whenever you are ready. Because when you start walking, then you might not want me to carry you anymore.

Once upon a time, it took you more than half an hour of feeding before you have had enough. Now, all you need is five minutes. And I wish I could get you to suckle a little longer just so I could cuddle you a little more.

Just a month ago, you would only fall asleep in my arms. And I let you because I love cuddling you in my arms. You just suddenly decided you would rather twiddle your thumbs while lying next to me and then drifting off to dreamworld. You are no where close to falling asleep by yourself because you always want me there next to you.

You are just a bundle of laughs now, and everyone can’t seem to get over how adorable you are. And of course we are all biased.

You stick your tongue out when we tell you to show us your tongue.


You love Queen….. and you dance to the beat, with one hand raised above your head, and you sing along ‘ahhhhhh’. You don’t sing very well at the moment.

You smile a lot, and with your eyes… Like you really meant the smile. Your cheeky mischievous smile! That still allows you to get away with anything!



I don’t think I will ever tire of saying I love you – so much!

And you are going to turn ONE in 30 days!

Love, Mummy.