Dearest Olivia,

You amaze me every day, and how can it be possible that I love you more and more every day – oh, but I can.

You learn something new almost every day. You know words… water, milk, lights, lantern, Mickey. You understand when mummy tells you to ‘come here and give mummy a hug’, ‘bring mummy the handkerchief’, ‘wipe your mouth with the handkerchief’, ‘bite your toes’, ‘give Mickey a hug’.

When you hear music you dance and bounce.

You give your PaPa a kiss good night every night before you go to bed. That’s your ritual – and I tell you that you will have to do that till you are 21.

You have four front teeth now. And your hair has grown a little… and no one is going anywhere NEAR your hair to cut it! You have this crazy hair that just sticks out in all directions when you wake up – CRAZY BED HEAD.



I just love spending time with you… Loving you so much, I forget how annoying you can sometimes be.

Love, Mummy.