Dearest Olivia,

Sprouted a second tooth – a new addition to your pretty smile. Both your teeth are wonky.

You know a few words. Christmas tree and lights. They have to be your Christmas tree and your lights though. We will ask you, ‘Where is your Christmas tree?’ and you will turn to look at it. You also know ‘bee’ the one on your play mat – and will poke at it with your finger, though you only know it sometimes.

You love the baby in the bathroom. She is your reflection. She is the only one you will wave bye-bye to without hesitation. All other times when we tell you to wave bye-bye is totally dependent on how you are feeling at that time.

You know head-to-head, where we rub our foreheads together vigorously!

You’re cruising, and taking the corners now.

You are crawling so fast, you often dive face forward smack in to the floor because of the friction from your knees.

It is almost impossible to take your photo now because you are just on the go all the time! You never tire!

You love to dance. We tell you to dance and hum a tune – and you’ll be bobbing up and down to the tune.

When we give you a drink of water, and you refuse it, you will just blow bubbles in the cup. Funny the first time… Still funny… But you really do need to drink your water.

I play with you Round & round the garden, like a teddy bear… one step, two step… and because you know it so well now, before I can tickle-you-under-there….. you start giggling even before I touch you!

You’re just a little bundle full of funnies and I am enjoying every moment I have with you.

Thank you for giving me this joy.


Love, Mummy.