* This spot is RESERVED for picture of Little S Eating Alone *

I was chatting with Little S, who’d just moved to Johor for work. He is going to make many many new friends there, and for the meanwhile, he is dining solo at the food stalls most convenient to him.

Asking him if he is ok having dinner on his own, his reply was, “Eat alone is like SORCHAI!, do you think that is ok?”.

I personally don’t think eating alone is that bad. I eat alone quite often. I must enjoy my own company. I’d bring a magazine or a book, and be really engrossed in it. REALLY! I love gossip magazines.

Then again, are we really ever alone? There’s the mobile phone that we can pretend we’re on, the PDA, the laptop. There really is so many things we can do to appear that we are NOT! eating alone.

Then again, why does my heart go out to the person who is dining alone, when I do see someone alone? Is he/she lonely? My heart goes out to them. I have been tempted to ask them if they’d like to join me, sit with me instead. But they may be just like me – enjoying my meal and my own company.

This is for you Little S! (who has also said he will get the ‘mamak’ guy to take a picture of himself eating alone, so that I can put it here, on my website).