Dearest Olivia,

Of course I am biased when I think you are Oh-So-Cute!



Every time you smile at me, all I want to do is rush over to you and give you a big cuddle.

Sometimes you hug me back… and say ‘Ahhhhhhhh…’ and sometimes you kiss me back, though you kiss with your mouth open, and dribble saliva all over my face!

It’s almost impossible to touch your face – every time I want to clean your face, you respond as if I had just punched your face. You would scream and fuss.

Recently, you will only answer to Olivia… You would pretend you could not hear me if I called you Ollie.

This week (it was on Friday, just before you turned 8 months!) – you started saying MaMa and BaBa. It was just before bed time, and you were crawling around my bed, and suddenly, you just said MaMa… and this was followed by BaBa. Both me and your PaPa heard it – and we were both so excited! Then you crawled towards me, and touched my leg, and said MaMa. And that pretty much felt like the best thing in the world, and almost brought tears to my eyes. Of course I am well aware you said it indiscriminately! True enough, the next day – everything was MaMa, so fluent you are with your MaMa.

I love you my little peanut!