My dearest Olivia,

You wake up smiling… You smile when you hear your name…  You smile when you see me.

I thank God everyday for having blessed me and your PaPa with such a smiley happy baby. You smile at everyone too – and I can’t remember a single person who would not smile back at you. So infectious your smile is!


I started you on solids at the end of August, and you took on to solids so naturally. No fussing… you just ate away, and even asked for more! Oh, but I didn’t give you more.


You went through a phase of bubble blowing and spitting… just before you go to bed at night, and when you didn’t like something… Pftttt-pftttt-pfttttt!!!!! You would go… on and on and on for 5 minutes at the least!

We went for your first holiday to Penang… you slept all the way there, and all the way back on the plane. No fussing. Phew! Mummy was worried you would cry all the way!


This week, you also learned how to fake cry. You would make like you are crying and distressed – and there would be no tears… and when you figured no one was listening, you would actually stop and take a break. Just so we’d pick you up or when you were bored… or didn’t like something.

You are also a very active baby and love love love to kick-kick-kick!

You have also started sitting up by yourself and you don’t like lying down on your back too much now. And you don’t even mind tummy time that much anymore because you get to turn in circles, and move backwards!

Thank you my gorgeous baby girl for being such a good baby, and making my first experience at mummy-hood so enjoyable. Mummy loves you, and treasures each moment I spend with you.


Love, MaMa.