Babies are bound to get them at some point… On their face, on their bum-bums, on their arms… Whatever… Wherever…

Little O has developed a bit of a rash on her face recently – just little pimple spots. Doesn’t help that we live in a scorching hot country. Aggravated by the fact that she likes putting her hands in her mouth, slathering her entire face with spit.

My point is – a little rash is no big deal. It’s no where close to being the end of the world. It is not worrisome if the baby is not uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be a focus point. If it’s not getting any worse, it will go away eventually (at least that is what I have noticed with Little O’s rashes) – perhaps when the weather gets cooler.

I am ok she has a rash. It is fine (this is my husband’s favourite phrase by the way -he should try to get the copyright to that line. Ask him anything and he’ll say “It is fine”. Sometimes, even when you don’t ask him anything, he will say “It is fine”). I wipe it with some water whenever I can, I apply a cream for heat rash for her.

Having a little rash is NO.BIG.DEAL.

My husband is wise… Well, he has a wise friend who told him when he was somewhat fretting about a lump that Little O once had on her back. His friend said, “Why are you worried about an itsy bitty lump on her back – you know what my brother’s daughter has? A hole in the heart”.

There – I said it… There are so many bigger and badder problems out there. OMG! Truly.

I thank God everyday for Ollie is safe, healthy and happy.

It’s ok if she is going scratch herself on the face because she has long fingernails – stuff like that happens cos her mummy can’t keep up with how fast her fingernails are growing!

It’s ok if she has a little rash.

It’s ok if she gets bitten by a mosquito.

There are bigger badder things out there. Seriously. So lets focus away from Little O’s facial rash – we don’t want her being too self-conscious now, do we?