Dearest Ollie,

I am still deciding if I should start calling you Livvy instead… that’s more feminine.

And I am still trying to get over how much I love you! Though I don’t think that’s possible.


It is quite easy to make you smile… all I have to do is go “geh-geh-geh-geh-geh”. For some reason that highly amuses you.

There, that is you holding your arms out for me to carry you…


Actually, not really… You were just trying to catch my hands (and probably pop them in your mouth). You like pinching now… so I get lots of pinches from you especially when I am dressing you after your bath.

Talking about baths… You love your baths… each time I bathe you, I get soaked too because you like kicking water and making sure there is no dry spot left in the bathroom.

The screaming has stopped, and you go to sleep rather easily for day time naps now… Once upon a time, your PaPa asked me when you would learn to fall asleep by yourself… I guess this is the week you did. You fell asleep playing; by yourself…


I did a victory dance and high-fived myself a dozen times when this happened…

Turning over is more natural to you now… I don’t have to wait days and days before you turn over again from your tummy on to your back.

Seeing you grow and seeing your smile is one of my greatest joys my little precious toothless baboo!

Love, MaMa.