Talking about how each person has different personalities that is shaped during childhood, I asked Sweet V what he thought of my personality.

“I think you’re crayyyy…zee…”
Fake frowning, “Why do you think I’m crazy?”
Stares blankly, blinks his eyes and smiles, “Cos you like me.”

We both burst out in giggles, me coyly.

With big wide smile, “But if everyone knew you as I did, they’d know there’s so much of you to love!”


“I took that sentence from the words of a song.”

And we both burst out laughing at the pretense and drama of this 30 second piece of conversation.

When he gets so cute, I wish his face were a banana cupcake. I can make it from cake mold in the shape of his face. Then I can admire it, and eat it all up! With caramel sauce.