It’s been more than 2 months since I ranted about the challenges of breastfeeding here.

Since then – things have definitely improved.

My breasts are still somewhat public domain as people still want to look at the baby feeding… I am still the last one to bed every night as I still have to pump before I go to sleep… There is no such thing as lying in; by 7am the boobs are like ripe melons ready to burst, and I still don’t know how much baby is eating. And that one time when my breasts were so engorged because of a blocked duct and I thought I was going to die while baby and I were crying simultaneously – me from the pain, her from hunger and difficulty in drinking from a totally swollen nipple!

That – and the fact that I can’t fit into most of my clothes because of my now Double D boobs!!!

However, it did get easier… and I don’t feel like my baby is still craving for more… and nor do I feel like I don’t have enough for my baby anymore. My body has adjusted according to baby’s needs and I hardly ever wake up drenched in milk anymore.

To all new mums who are breastfeeding – it will get better… being patient will pay off.

I am still not one of those mums that have excess or unlimited supply of milk… but I think I have got the hang of it now. Plus, my friends shared with me that I will never need to produce 8 ounces of milk for my baby because the milk I produce will be according to baby’s needs, and will adjust in fat and nutrient content automatically – and all baby will ever need is just 4 ounces (thereabouts). Only formula fed babies may need up to 8 ounces. PHEW!

And it all literally happened overnight.

Suddenly… it just clicked and everything fell in to place… ‘cha-ching!’….. ba-da-bing! ba-da-boom!

One important change I made that really helped as well … I waited till my baby is really hungry – or somewhat hungry before I fed her. That way, she feeds more efficiently and less frequently, so my breasts actually have time to fill up. I previously always thought I did not have enough because I was allowing my baby to snack, so it felt like my breasts were empty all the time.

Again, to all breastfeeding mummy’s out there… happy feeding, good luck continuing,  remember patience – it will pay off… and it gets better and better!

I am certainly so happy I persevered!

And now… I want to breastfeed my baby as long as I can, and have her only on breast milk before the next stage/challenge comes along – introducing solids! I can already imagine the oncoming nightmare where everyone will want to have a say on what solids I have to feed my baby.