… the more you become obsessed with food!

Since Christmas season last year, I have not stopped eating. And it is not doing me any good. I go for yoga, maybe 3 to 4 hours a week, but that’s not helping. I seem to still be stacking on the pounds.

Number of calories I burn in a day – 1451, since I only have VERY light activity. This also takes my weight and age in to account.
You can go here for your metabolism calculator.

And there is also a weight loss calculator, see here.
And so I keyed in the amount of weight I wanted to lose, and that meant I’d have to cut back on 500 calories a day, and this is supposedly not advisable, based on this website. I think this is really dumb.

Pfftttt! What do they know? After all, I just want to get back to my original weight! Is that too much to ask?

So I found another website, here.
This, calculates my daily calorie deficit required to reach my goal and I get to key-in the timeline in which I would like to reach my goal weight. I key-in one month. I am ambitious.

My diet started yesterday. I plan to lose the weight that I’ve gained over the next one month. Fingers crossed.

I am thinking I just need to get past the first few days, and it will get easier. After all, we always need to push ourselves a little harder at the beginning, right? And then once you start seeing the results, you’ll be so pleased, you’ll just push through.

My diet is going to consist mostly of fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days. No refined carbs, definitely. Some lean chicken and fish, and eggs. And I reckon I deserve one pig-out meal a week. Only ONE. This method is said to be adopted by celebrities, I saw this on Channel E! so as not to be overly deprived.

6 almonds, 7 calories each – 42 calories
2 oat drinks – 300 calories
1 BIG apple – 80 calories
Vegetables and egg for dinner – approx. 500 calories
TOTAL CALORIES – 922 calories.

I have just made it with 500 calories less

2 hardboiled eggs – 140 calories
Small slice of toast, and some cheese – 134 calories
1 Guava – 90 calories
6 almonds – 42 calories
Clear fish soup with fish – 250 calories
Vegetables – 150 calories

I’m getting better at this.

I will survive!

Useful calorie counter websites: www.thecaloriecounter.com and www.calorie-count.com