Hi baby girl… Look how grown up you look now!


This week – MaMa saw how you reacted to a boy. You giggled, and you coo-ed, and you smiled your widest toothless smile. What a flirt! You definitely have an affinity for young men. Well young lady – no short skirts, and no going out with boys till you’re 18. Though your PaPa will think that 30 would be a more appropriate age for you to go out with boys.

This week, you also thought it would be fun to start screaming before each nap in the afternoon. You would scream your lungs out… and nothing MaMa or anyone else did would be able to console you for at least 20 minutes. Baby Ollie – it’s not funny, and you have totally worn me out.

My friends reassure me it is just a phase you’re going through… and I need you to get over this phase soon. Why can’t you just be into vampires, goth¬† or Justin Bieber?

This is your picture 3 minutes all happy and chatty before you started your screaming ritual…


Love, MaMa