Dear Ollie,

You smile at me as soon as I come and get you in the morning… and each day I thank God for having blessed me with you. You are so adorable… and each day I will tell your PaPa how cute I think you are… and then I will send a message to your yee-yee and grandmummy to tell them how  cute I think you are. They must be stiff from boredom hearing me repeat the same thing to them every day.

Aren’t you just the cutest?


You even smile in response to my voice now!

You are such a happy baby! And not to jinx it… but you started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago… Phew! MaMa’s obsession with getting you into having a good sleeping habit finally paid off! In the process driving everyone around me nuts. Though there were 2 or 3 occasions when you thought it might be fun to wake me at 3am.

Everyone who meets you tells me how much alike you look to PaPa and I couldn’t agree more.

Though there is one photo where I think you look a little like me when I was a baby, though prettier.


I love you my little precious one.

Love, MaMa.