Another item – 2 items, no – THREE items to be exact – to add to my massive collection of make-up.

I am in zit zone. I am going through some stage in my life, that is causing me to have more break-outs than usual. So I needed concealer. This, from Laura Mercier, I’ve read in numerous magazines, is a favourite of all time!

And it’s really quite easy to use. Just blend, blend the 2 colours, till you get the exact shade for your skin, then dab dab with the special concealer brush. Oh! Instant coverage for zits, and fine lines.

And for just additional RM35 – I get this eye concealer (which, by the way, is also highly recommended in a lot of magazines). It comes as a special set – when you buy the concealer brush. The eye concealer will cover my eye bags. (And I will use Eye Bright on top, so I have bright eyes with no dark circles under my eyes).

These are my other 2 NEW favourite products. They really do work – I’d like to think so.

It’s like playing with Photoshop on my face! Bless the person that invented make-up.

Number of times I’ve used all said items since I bought them last week?