I am a sucker for make-up.

And I didn’t really need this – but it is suppose to make my eyes look BRIGHTER!

So, you draw it around your eyes, like this… Shaped like a fish.

I am not sure if you can see the white outline around my eyes. But I almost went blind (from exposure to the camera flash) taking this photo of my eye, trying to illustrate how it is done. Yet obvious again, I have no talent for phtography.

Then dab, dab, dab, blending it in. But don’t rub.

Voila! Brighter eyes! Does it work? I think it does, subtly. Brings life in to my eyes, if I may say so. Or I’d be looking like a dead fish?

These 2 other items from Benefit that I cannot live without – giving me my healthy rosy hue – naturally blushing.

Champion sucker for make-up!