This big yawn describes how we both feel this week. It’s been a particularly difficult week for us this week because you just would not sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time.


We’re both so tired – we’ve both fallen asleep together on a few occasions while feeding. You zonked out on my lap hands and feet¬† spread-eagled, and me with my head thrown back resting on the headboard unconscious.

This week your PaPa is convinced you’re speaking and responding to him baby-style. You cannot imagine how happy your PaPa appears when he tells me you’ve been whispering secrets in his ear.

You have also grown so much more this week (weighing in at approx 4.5 kilos – I weigh myself and then I weigh myself again plus you), and we are trying to fit you in to all your clothes while we still can. The speed at which you are growing is just amazing and my arms are really feeling it too.

You’re my little champion.

Love, MaMa.