Just when I thought I would be able to get you on a schedule or some form of a routine so that mama can plan my time around your naps – you just put me in my place and showed me who’s the boss. You little live havoc!

You’re getting bigger and heavier by the day. You’re really filling out your clothes now… when once (just 3 weeks ago!) they were just a tad big and long…

Still melting hearts with your smile – I can already imagine you getting away with a lot with just your smile.


I went out for tea with your PaPa today – we were gone for all of two hours, and I was missing you already. I gave in, and called home after an hour just to check if you were ok. So much for all that talk about me not being one of those mum’s who get all consumed by their kids! Ahhhh well….. I am practising.

I love you, my little baboo.