Yes, yes, yes. I know there is no need for name calling.

This is the latest email I had to send to them. You can see why I may be frustrated!

And I didn’t get a reply! Pfftttt!!!


Dear Kelvin Khaw,

I hope this email finds you well.

It is also beyond my belief that I have to yet again write to you despite your assurance that – quote “we take pride in the products and services that we offer to our customers” and “we are confident that VW Cars, as a Volkswagen authorised dealer, will provide you with improved service for your future vehicle needs” unquote.

I realised that the bottle opener had been removed from my car – about 5 days after I have got back my car. Perhaps this needed a service to for whatever reason you will then come up with to assure me.

So it was early last week that Thomas the GM said he would be sending back the bottle opener.

You must have guessed by now that I am writing in to inform you that no bottle opener has been returned.

Not able to get hold of Thomas yesterday, and instead spoke to Robert who said the bottle opener will be returned yesterday – with a gift.

Perhaps the delay was caused because he is picking out a gift. Such thoughtfulness. Please inform VW Cars that we do not need a gift. We just want the bottle opener returned.

I think my entire experience with VW is focused on delay, procastination, and your inability to be time conscious. This must be the CORE of your service – that VW appears to be so confident about.

I tremble in fear at the thought of my vehicle’s future needs.

I am sure you appreciate my feedback and comments. Please do take time to look in to getting my bottle opener returned.

As always, please be assured that I will be informing my family, friends and e-community of my VW experience.

Have a nice day.

Yours sincerely,
Li Lian Kow.