I kid you not when I say it did not stop raining at all! The rain just kept on coming… on and on and on and did not let up even when we left 3 days later. We had to take a four wheeler to the airport to catch our flight because it was flooding. Thank God! The airports were not flooded though there were many flights that were delayed – again, thankfully not ours.

It was cloudy the day we got there.

The following morning – there was a bit of a hesitant sun… and from 1pm it started raining… and it DID.NOT.STOP.RAINING after that.

We stayed at Beach Republic on Chaweng Beach. It’s a nice place, we had a pool villa which we did not use because it DID.NOT.STOP.RAINING.

Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time with my husband – all we did – since there was nothing else we could do, and we were indoor bound… was talk about our feelings… and plans for the future. Yeah right! HA.HA.HA….. For those of you that know my husband – as if that is ever likely to happen.

Some pictures:

Our villa –



The chemical free pool before it started raining;



And when it started getting too gloomy for words…