This is my first trip ever to China. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had lots of fun and good food.

The sights in Shanghai are amazing – my pictures does not do the place justice at all!

The Bund at night.


This picture was taken from across the river – not the best of pictures, but it’ll do. I thought it was breathtaking.

Probably the only tourist site we went to – Tian Zi Fang. I loved it because it was full of  little quaint shops and eateries!




Absolutely packed with tourists with their cameras. Has anyone noticed how every other person has a DSLR these days? I have one too!

I also went to the very busy Nanjing Road where millions of people venture every day.


And my not so favourite things in Shanghai – this fast food restaurant that serves porridge and noodles and you tiau (though the soya milk is yummy).


And I found this rather icky too; pre-packed chicken wings?! Seriously?!