I LOATHE! public toilets. I HATE! community toilets. I DESPISE! having to share a toilet.

But I can’t very well go the entire day without going potty.

And to make my experience worse – I find PUBES! left on the toilet seat. YES! ON.THE.TOILET.SEAT. I think that is the abolute-st worst-est thing to find left behind by the person that had entered the toilet just before me. NO THANK YOU FOR THE PRESENT!

It further puts me off that it is a 1.5 inch long pube – and I start having eeky-yucky pictures in my head as I ‘see’ in my head this lovely young lady with a FOREST of 1.5inch long pubes. I KNOW! WHO’D LEFT THE PUBE! Why didn’t she just sweep it on to the floor, or take it with her?

Any other hair – on a woman – that is not on the head – IS.VERY.GROSS!

Other disgusting things left behind in toilets are: wee drip stains, droplets of menstrual you-know-what, crap – yuck, yuck, yuck!

Why don’t people practise toilet courtesy? The least they could do is FLUSH! It’s not like they are PAYING! for the water!

And some people find the need to take a ‘shower’ on the toilet bowl and end up wetting the entire toilet in the process.

I did warn you this post is gross.

So – what’s the worst thing that got left behind for you?