I have been having an unsettling craving for KFC for 2 weeks. I succumbed and decided to pig-out, despite my fast-expanding waistline, post-festive-holiday season.

The scenario at Kentucky Fried Chicken at Midvalley Megamall:
KFC Girl: Good afternoon. May I have your order please.
Me: I’d just like 2 piece chicken, Original Recipe. No breast meat, please.*
KFC Girl: Ok. No drink? Anything else?
Me: No thank you.

So, I pay her, and she goes get my order.

On my plate, she gives me one drumstick, and one chicken breast, the part with the BREAST bone, or rib-cage looking part .

Me: I said, I don’t want chicken breast.
KFC Girl: This is not breast meat. This is CHEST meat.
Me: ??? (Speechless and in awe)

She proceeds to pick up HER definition of breast meat and shows it to me. This is the other half portion which I also consider breast meat. This is the part with the soft bone.

KFC Girl: This is BREAST meat. This one I give you is CHEST meat.

Can anyone help me out here? Is what she said correct?

I tried looking it up here, and it has pictures of breast meat, alright. And their pictures are as MY thoughts of what is breast meat.

So, is there really breast meat AND chest meat? Or is she just pulling my leg?

* I was told you cannot request for which part of the chicken you want. However, you can request for which part you DON’T want. Go figure!