After dinner as the husband sprawls across the couch watching television with the intensity of an owl eye-ing a mouse. The husband who has exams in a week…

Me: Oh, it does look like your books are studying itself.
Voon: Oh, and it seems to be doing a real good job.

Silence. He actually looked like he meant what he said. He looks right on serious! Not a hint of a smile.

I am thinking I am this close to throwing my shoe at him, except I don’t wear shoes at home.

And when I couldn’t hold it in any longer – I burst out laughing.

What is he? Like 12 years old?

Me: Do you still read my blog?
Voon: No…
Me: Why not? Have you lost interest in all that I have to share on the worldwide web?
Voon: But you talk so much everyday already!


I am so exasperated…..

He continues to ignore me. And continues staring into the idiot box. Worse – the channel surfing has started… none of which to my favourite channels… Flick… Flick… Flick…

What is this? Have we been married for a billion years?!

I am not even going to start on the pre-bedtime conversation we were having the other day when he called my conversation one of no substance… NON-SUBSTANCE it seems!

Almost 4 months… that is how long since we have now been married.