These are some of my Christmas presents! Aren’t I so lucky?

Oh – and those were the presents I wrapped, and instead of Christmas cards or tags – I used Post-it’s. Nice pretty bright yellow ones. My attempts at being creative.

And we had a nice Christmas lunch with close family and friends with us. Thank you all for spending Christmas with us!

As for Christmas eve, I had a quick dinner with mum, sis and Vince before rushing off to the police station.

On my way home from work, I got in to a car accident (More like, someone got in to a car accident and involved me). The motocyclist in front of me skidded, and was lying on the road, so I slowed down, and was forced to stop. The car behind me – only slowed down when he banged right in to my car! I could see him fast approaching me from my rearview mirror. I held on tight to my steering wheel, readying myself for the worst. I pressed my bum firmly in to the seat to prepare myself from being thrown forward. He is still fast approaching my car. And before I could will him to stop – he crashed in to me. I was not hapy. But luckily enough things were sorted out quickly at the police station later that evening. No queue. Praise GOD! For surely, if I had to wait at the police station for most of the night, I would have stabbed myself in the eye!

The motorcyclist is ok – he’d got up and left just as I pulled over to inspect the damage done to Little Red Riding Hood.