As the year is coming to an end – it would only make sense to reflect on the year passed, and think about what I’ve done. I normally would not do this. I have a tendency to take on the new year as it is – whatever will be, will be. Toast to a better year ahead!

But is this how I want to spend the rest of my days? Perhaps not – seeing I might not end up accomplishing anything.

I am not sure if I have the answers to things you have to ask yourself as part of being a better person, one that seeks to accomplish more. Most self-help guides will begin with asking you to ask yourself –
1. What have you learnt this year? New skills?
2. What are your key accomplishments? – Some people can probably list down a dozen.
3. Did I complete anything? Do I feel complete?
4. What would I have liked to have done differently? – To have had this list last year, so I would have better attempted this list?
5. What have I done right? – What were my contributions to the world? Did I make a difference to anyone’s life? Did I make a difference to my life?
6. Was there anything significant that happened in my life? – I don’t think anything life altering happened.
7. Did I do anything fun and exciting? Something I can boast about to my grandkids?
8. What were the challenges I’d faced and the lesson(s) learnt from?
9. Am I a different person as I was compared to last year?
10. What am I grateful for?

If I really wanted to, I’d be able come up with some form of an answer or other to all the questions. But I don’t think my list would be very impressive.

Or perhaps – I’m just beating myself up for not having a ‘in-your-face-kick-ass’ list of things I’ve done. I cannot include discovery of world peace, ending starvation, discovered a miracle cure for all illness and made the world a better place to live in on my list of things accomplished.

And perhaps our expectations of list of accomplishments are self-dependent. Perhaps I need to be confident enough of the things I’ve done – and everything I have done, I can feel like I’ve ‘Saved the cheerleader! Saved the world!’.

Another thing to take in to consideration for the new year – every little bit counts, and it does matter!