That was my reaction too when I Googled for DUCK – and came up with AVES. I bet with my friend that it would say BIRD. I was so sure. So I click on AVES – lo! and behold! – Birds (class Aves) are bipedal, warm-blooded, vertebrate animals that lay eggs.


All this came about when someone was trying to convince me that a duck and a platypus are in the same classification.

And I was almost! convinced when surely and confidently I am told that the platypus is classed under marsupials** – which would also mean that DUCKS! are mamals in which the female typically has a pouch (called the marsupium, from which the name ‘Marsupial’ derives) in which it rears its young through early infancy. And the female would have 2 vaginas and the male 2 penises!

Confused? Flabbergasted? Dumbfounded?Gobsmacked? I certainly was! And now I know better.

But seriously?! It would be easy to think that the duck and the platypus ARE in the same classification – both have webbed feet, both lay eggs, and the platypus has a duck-like snout. C’mon! If it looks like a duck – it’s gotta be a duck – right?

By the way, platypus is classified under mammal (aquatic mammal to be exact).

*I love being correct! I imagine myself jumping round and around in circles with joy.
**Examples of marsupials include the koala and kangaroo.