I was wandering around aimlessly (AGAIN!) deciding what to have for lunch – and stopped by Swatch.

Fell in love with this cute watch (Cuddle-Crafts Collection) :

And I went to get it the very next day. YES! I contemplated overnight. And with a name like Snuggle Bunch who could resist – right? Can you see the cute little bears? All I wanted to do is lick it to see if it tasted as sweet as it looks. C’mon! Baby blue!

Anyways, the last time I wore a Swatch watch was back in secondary school. When I was thirteen.

And I have never noticed how loud the ticking sound is! I certainly did not notice it at the shop (too noisy?).

So, the ticking was keeping me awake last night – so I put it in the bathroom. And when I was all blurry eyed in the bathroom this morning – I hear this ticking sound, and I was thinking to myself; is that a leak??!! Tick-tick-tick-tick.

And this morning when I got to work, and the office was all quiet – Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!

Tick! Tick! My Snuggle Bunch! Tick! New watch! Tick!Tick! Tick!