It took me 63 minutes to travel all of 8km, and because I was just reading an article on being grateful… I shall now say my thanks instead of going bonkers over being stuck in Friday evening traffic.

1. Thank you for my car – at least I didn’t have to walk.
2. Thank you car – the air conditioning was working.
3. Thank you car radio, and radio station for playing some good tunes.
4. Thank you bladder – you did good. At least I didn’t desperately have to pee while stuck in traffic (which seems to be the case 97% of the time).
5. Thank you – I had a little alone time to think about absolutely nothing.
6. Thank you for patience. I needed it.
7. Thank you – the ride was uneventful and I arrived home safe.
8. Thank you Tango, for the priceless doggy grin you greeted me with as soon as I drove in.
9. Thank you Boo, for the little doggy hug you gave me as soon as I entered. I’ve never been happier to be home.
10. Thank you – it is a Friday… and I am all ready to embrace a much deserved weekend.

Leaving my frustrations behind – the weekend’s here. Friday nite alone – and I am just going to relax and veg out in front of the telly.


Is this somewhat zen or what?!