Faster than it takes to search for it. That’s how fast.

So – I needed my birth certificate (original copy only) for wedding registration. And I had the entire household looking for it – my mum and sis… and it was nowhere to be found.

I imagined the trip to get a birth certificate an ordeal – a mind numbing one, that would be tedious and boring. I imagined that experience to staring at a doorknob.

So I went to the JPN in Pusat Bandar Damansara – oh, but it is only opened for passport registration.

So I sped over to Maju Junction. 7th floor – Kelahiran and Kematian (Birth and Death) Department. I arrived at 8.30am, filled out a form, took a number. In 2 seconds, I was called to submit my form. Quick, eh?

The lady said my new birth certificate would be ready in 60minutes – did I want to go for breakfast first? I had my magazines with me – so I said no thanks. I’ll wait. Payment required – RM5.00.

In 30 minutes, someone hollered my name. My birth certificate was ready, and if I wanted a plastic cover – just RM2.00.

Paid RM2.50 for first hour of parking – and I was out of there. Coolness!