It’s been awhile since I updated anything about my wedding plans – and to sum it up…..

Venue – Check.
Drinks – Check.
Flowers – Check.
Band – Check.
Cake – Check.
Photographer – Check.
Dress (even though I’ve been told it is absurd and for people with low IQ) – Check! Check! Check! Because I went for my second fitting, and it FITS! IT FITS! Phew! I was getting a bit worried about it not going to be able to fit.

A place to live after the wedding – CHECK!

I am getting a bit more anxious now even though everything is pretty much sorted out. I am not even going to start thinking about all the micro details that will be popping up as my wedding day nears.

Positivity – Check.
Smile – 1/2 Check.

A couple of weeks ago I had trouble sleeping – and my mum told me it’s subconscious anxiety.

I think she’s a wise woman.

It’s MY big day?!Who am I kidding right?

In the midst of all the different emotions (mostly being unreasonable, emotional, difficult, overly sensitive, crabby, moody, touch of crazy…..) I am going through (and there are also stories about issues and feelings…) , this man I am going to marry – is calm and so in control.

He has so much more on his plate than I do – he has work, meetings and school – exams, assignments. And he’s there for me, to comfort me and remind me everything is going to be okay and make me feel all better again.

The man I am marrying is amazing (and I am crazy in love with him) – Check.