Ever noticed how traffic on the fast lane suddenly slows down drastically all because of ONE car that decides to drive at less than 15km/hr. On the fast lane! And as you overtake them, you notice – Oh. My. Lord. – this MORON! has slowed down to speak on the phone!

Just as bad, this same MORON! is so engrossed in his phone conversation he fails to hear other cars honking at him, and is blind to the cars behind him! You got to be kidding me!

And sometimes, there are some serious nutheads who just drive slowly on the fast lane for no apparent reason than to cause an accident or a serious pile-up!

Seriously, there should be ‘SLOW’ traps just as there are speed traps.

Common sense! Driving sense! Any form of sense! PLEASE!

Is driving slowly just as dangerous as driving fast? I certainly think so.

Written in fury! Inspired by a motherf*#ker speaking on the phone, driving 10km/hr on the fast lane with a speed limit of 80km/hr.