When my sister and I signed up to become Surf Goddeses with Surf Goddess Retreats, the package includes a day of rest, a day trip to Ubud. This is not my first time to Ubud – but certainly my first time to the Monkey Forest.

If nature and monkeys is your cup of tea, it’s definitely worth the trip.

I am petrified of the monkeys though… Thought it might come hiss at me, bite me, or snatch my bag… Did you know, if the monkey steals something of yours – don’t run after it. Instead wait for the handlers in charge of the forest to trade whatever the monkey took from you with a banana.

Still – from a distance, using camera zoom I managed to get some monkey photos… And I did so holding my breath in case they thought I might be a threat to them.

OMG! I need to re-touch my roots… And my sister looking like a cute school girl. Sweet like a chocolate sundae with extra cookie crumbles. (Crumbs?)

Then we went to the Ubud market for some shopping.

Look at the expert at bargaining – she knows what she wants and how much she’s going to pay for it, and nothing more! Even the owner of the shop gives her a thumbs up!

Paid a visit to Dr Wayan – a traditional healer from the book Eat Pray Love. But she was not there – so I just took a photo of her place.

Then we went for lunch at Kafe – they serve all foods healthy and is owned by same owner as Bali Spirit – a yoga shop.

The food does indeed taste healthy – but it is somewhat pricey… Need to pay for the easy, relaxed, peaceful ambiance.

Kafe is located at Jalan Hanoman 44b, Ubud – Bali.