Can money buy happiness?

“Money is the root of all evil”. “If you don’t think money is important, then you’re a liar”. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness isn’t spending it right”. “Money may not solve all your problems, but it’ll sure help”. Are just some of the responses.

NBabe and I were chatting about things we’d like to do. Seriously? I think if anybody wants to do anything, moo-lah* is required!

Someone she knew had invested thousands in to looking good. There was the new hair-do, the slimming centre, many facials, new wardrobe after the weight loss. And it was all worth it! I totally agree with that. If looking good equals feeling good, better self-confidence, self-esteem, then why the hell not? As you may have read from earlier posts, there are some essentials that are necessary to look remotely presentable. (You can read it here.) NBabe futher pointed out that rich people are not ugly. How true. Money can buy you new boobs, a tummy tuck, a face lift, hair extensions, a new nose, a sexy rear-end.**

If you want to take up a new hobby, that will cost you money too. Say, if your new found passion was cycling, diving, arts and craft, painting, sewing, jewellery making. Unless you have excess money, you can’t really start a new hobby over night. Now, where is the happiness here?

Of course, there is also retail therapy! So therapeutic. THIS! requires a lot of money. I would like a new handbag, and a new phone, and a SEXY SONY VAIO. My purchases would make me delirious with joy! But this joy is momentary, perhaps?***

So, do we over-estimate the pleasures and happiness we’re going to get when we have more money? Sure, money can make you happy, but will more money make you more happy when you’re reached a subsistence level? Then again, what is enough?

Or have we perhaps muddled up the difference between long lasting joy and a short lived thrill?

Things that money cannot buy – good health, an interesting job that you love, spirituality, time, true friendship, love****.

And to find out how money can buy happiness, there are SPECIFICALLY 7 WAYS to buy happiness, go here!


* This is what me and my sister call money.
* With all that money, I wonder why Donald Trump didn’t buy better hair.
*** Perhaps I should buy a new handbag or a new gadget to see if it will thrill and brings me joy that will last beyond that moment.
****Yeah, yeah, yeah – some of you out there are going to tell me that money can buy love – but I am a romantic, and I choose not to believe so.