Some of us eat for fuel, only when we are hungry. In some cases, even before we’re hungry, just to shut the stomach up before it starts growling.*

And some of us are just foodies – wanting to try everything (so many choices so little time and so many more choices!), going out of the way, travelling miles and crossing oceans for ‘said’ good food.

And some of us commit one of the 7 deadly sins – gluttony, by binge eating.

Half the world’s population is being killed in record numbers from too much food. The other half is dying from lack of food. What is this fascination with food that we have that we read about it, people write about it endlessly, we watch it on telly, and Pixar made a movie** out of it!

Does eating to live mean we eat healthfully, become vegetarians, and only eat as much as the energy we require to continue living? This would mean I will only be allowed 3 apples a day since I am sat on my ass at the office all day, and consider I have exercised because I walk to my car. Does this mean I have to forgo all delicious food? By delicious, my definitions include greasy, deep-fried, fattening, unhealthy foods- I love my steaks and lamb chops fatty, I dream of ‘siew-yoke’ (crispy pork), I crave Italian (extra creamy pastas and pizzas with 10 types of EXTRA! cheese), I could eat ‘nasi lemak’ everyday, and I love soups with almost every meal!

And sometimes, I go the other extreme by starving myself.

Oops! I got carried away with my perfect-sometimes unhealthy-OCD relationship with food there.

In conclusion, my conclusion at least, living to eat or eating to live is like the chicken or egg first question.

* Statement made and copyrighted by Jax.
** This Pixar movie is that rat cartoon – Ratatouille. I’ve seen it, and I love it.