I am sure we’ve all been served ‘bad’ food when dining out. By ‘bad’ I mean the food could be off, or taste suspicious, or even perhaps have a foreign object in it that’s not part of the meal you ordered.

Ever notice how the first thing the waiter or waitress will do when you ask for their assistance is to STARE! at you blankly? After staring at you blankly, then they will stare at your meal, as if they’ve never seen it before in their lives!

The next thing they will do is to SNIFF! your meal. Why would they think that by smelling my meal, that they would be able to confirm that it has gone bad? And what happens after that?! Why don’t you just go ahead and have a little taste of my food while it is still in front of me to validate my complaint?

After being really defensive, they would then SMILE! at me as if I were a lunatic, and confirm that there is nothing wrong with my meal. Based on sniffing it, it is confirmed that my meal is ok, and I am a complete nutcase.

When faced with less satisfactory customer service at an eating outlet, I suppose we should try to be nice. After all, the waiter or waitress is probably having a really hard day. By being nice and empathizing with how busy and overworked they are, perhaps I could touch them into feeling sorry for having neglected me, and for thinking that I was complaining about my meal for a laugh?