1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk, and a portion of chocolate!

This is my current addiction.

I satisfy my addiction from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Because there are many many outlets available. But none within walking distance.

I do wonder why it costs so much for a cup of ‘specialty’ coffee? It will cost an average of RM10.00 for a cup of coffee. Even more so, for one of those ice-blended novelties.

So, why do we pay 10 times more for coffee without complaining? Why would we, with a median salary of RM2k (age group between 18-25) and RM4.7K (age group between 25-44) allow ‘sipping’ of bucks from our wallets?

Is it an emotional ritualistic experince we seek by doing something nice for ourselves?

Is it a status symbol? Whereby it is COOL! to be seen in one of these outlets? Maybe that’s why a cup of coffee costs so much! They are always located in prime locations. Rent must cost a bomb. Does holding a paper/plastic cup from Starbucks of Coffee Bean say out loud, “I am wealthy enough not to care about overspending for coffee”?

My cup of coffee will pay for Keith, the barista to smile at me, there’s electricity, milk, water, internet access (this is a free service they provide), cost of paper cup, washing the cup….. is that it?

Will I continue to succumb to my addiction? I think so. Most likely. Definitely. I’ve tried making my own cafe mocha, but it just doesn’t taste the same! I have been sucked in to the ‘coffee community’. And I haven’t got a clue as to why I am a sucker for cafe mocha that costs RM12.00.