This restaurant only sits about 10 persons, so I truly felt special… Would I recommend this restaurant? Definitely, positively!

This is our first dish… some stew-broth-thing with a platinum leaf floating.

Followed by a soup dish made from this giant leaf and Japanese mozzarella. This cheese is one of the nicest cheese I’ve ever had.

And the dishes to follow…

Top left – 5 little bits of something, and everything was yummy except for that thing in the blue flower bowl which was some springy bouncy fish ovaries or something like that.
Bottom left – pumpkin and leek soup.
Middle – giant mushroom fried with toong-fun.
Right – looks like a smiley face, is a shark fin steak.

Then, the highlight of the evening – the chef’s signature beef dish – like teppanyaki style.

And this is Chef Yoshifumi Mori!

And just when you thought that is the end… YES! there is more food!

Top left – Crab fried rice, I asked for a small bowl, but it was so good, I wished i had asked for a big bowl.
Middle – Japanese white bean dessert, thought I’d died and gone to heaven!
Right – Pomelo, there were 2 more pieces – but I ate that before remembering to take a photo.

Restaurant Kahala
Kishimoto-Bldg 2F 1-9-2
Sonezaki-shinchi Kitaku
Osaka City
Tel: 06 6345 6778