Dearest Theodore,



You really do think you are a dinosaur. You would roar at your sister knowing how much it annoys her.

You are in to super heroes. You have canny sense of humour. We get you, we do. You are hilarious.

You say the funniest things. When we tell you we have something for you, you reply ‘like what?’. We told you not to kick the car, and you reply, ‘This is not a car. It is a taxi’ – and you were right (somewhat), we were in a taxi.

You are always wanting to show us what comes out of your nose. Sensing your quiet at the back of the car, I asked you if you were asleep to which you replied, ‘No, I digging my nose. Poo poo in my nose, wanna see it?’

You love shooting. We took you to watch Swan Lake, when u started getting restless, you counted the swans and started shooting them. ‘One swan, shoot! Two – shoot! Three swan shoot!’
You would hide behind furniture in anticipation of your sister, and when she is close by, you jump out and shoot her too. She is not a fan of your shooting her by the way.

You also think you have magic powers. You raise your palm to the sky, and make a SSSSHHHHHHHH sound, and when asked what you are doing, you will reply ‘I using my magic powers! Ssssshhhhhhhh………’

You are such an affectionate child, I am not sure whom you take after. You say to me, ‘sleep top you’ before you go to bed, and you climb to fall asleep on top of me. You wake in the middle of the night to say ‘hold me tight mummy’. And this is my favourite – when I ask you where is my kiss, you will point to a spot on my face and shout ‘HERE!’ and you will follow to kiss that very spot. You are such a joy to be with, and you still have such an easy going personality, unless of course you really really want something done your way. Nothing will get in your way, and I think to myself, this is your pent up fury, this is your unflinching determination.

You are able to charm everyone with your smile. The joy and happiness you exude, your eyes are capable of lighting up a room! Your eyes, they literally laugh with joy.

Oh, and when you’re upset, your downturned mouth is quite a conversation piece too. That beautiful down turned pout of yours. I promise to find a picture of your down turned mouth and save it for you.

I love you, you little ball of joy and laughter and humour.