Dearest Chubba,

At the rate I am updating my blog, and events of you as a little baby, you will probably be a toddler soon.

I am still in awe at what an easy going baby you are. I really did hit the jackpot. Keeping my fingers crossed you will retain your pleasant disposition.

Hungry? Have never heard you complain. Tired? Maybe just a bit of whining.

Oh, but you do complain when we take something away from you, or when you drop your toy.

You’re crawling, but not very fast. You’re like a big clumsy elephant on fours. Stomping with your hands and feet to move all of the 3 inches. Sitting up, steadily enough, though its not your favourite position.Crawling to sitting, not a problem, be it you are sitting on your side, using your hand to prop yourself up.

Just two days ago we lowered your cot. You have started to pull yourself up to standing as soon as you wake from your nap.

Funny – seeing you have neither mastered sitting down or crawling.

Gosh! Your laugh! Is one of the most beautiful things I have heard. You giggle and chuckle so much, so heartily. And your smile, you always have one, you are always ready for a smile – even when you are tired, you will try to give us a smile.



I love you my little cutie-pie-chubba-wubba.

Love, Mummy.