I was very excited about the Beijing Olympics last week, 8 August 2008, starting at 8pm – especially when such cute friendly cuddlies are involved.

And they look so POWERFUL!

You’d have to agree with me if I say the FUWA is HOT! in comparison to some of the other mascots. Well, this is just my opinion…

The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The Whatizit, 1996 Atlanta – what is it?! Indeed!

Neve and Gliz, 2006 Torino – One boy one girl? Huh?

Magique – 1992 Albertville… Hmmmm…..

Schuss – 1968 Grenoble… You gotta be kidding me!

Some other yummy huggables that make me go AWWWWW…..

Hodori – 1998 Seoul… Which kinda reminds me of Frosted Cornflakes…

Cobi – 1992 Barcelona… I think he looks like a lawyer!

And are you ready for more cuteness? Behold, Misha the bear, 1980 Moscow.

I am a sucker for all things cute…