Jennifer Aniston Hate Club

I can’t believe I couldn’t find one online. Maybe I am just going about the search the wrong way. I key-ed in “i hate jennifer aniston”, “jeniffer aniston hate website”. And came up with nothing. But there is a “i hate angelina jolie club”.

How dumb ass is that?

I really don’t know why I don’t like her. I suppose HATE is a strong word to use. And I have not been brought up to HATE. My mum is a good mother – and did not teach me to hate. I write this in case she miraculously learns how to go online, and reads this. Of which she will then continue being the SUPER MUM she is and give me some money to spend.

Back to Jennifer Aniston. I seriously think her claim to fame all started with the fact that she has gorgeous hair. Her hair is the picture millions of women take with to the hairdressers to say – I want hair just like that!

BARF! BARF! Choke.

But I do think she has great hair. And a hot body for someone her age.

I am still so happy that Brad Pitt dumped her for Angelina Jolie.

My sister tells me that evolutionary psychology will say that I really am a lot like her in reality, and probably have so much in common we’d be BFF’s if not for the fact that I see her as competition, hence my dislike for her!


Then I thought – I am not going to spend anymore time searching for this Jennifer Aniston Hate Club. But if you do come across one – please share with me.

If you would like to tell me otherwise why I should love her or give her a break since she’s almost 40 and has been dumped so many times since her divorce – please try to convince me.

I am not being unkind nor hurtful. This is just my opinion.

If you would like to add on to this post as to why you hate her too, you’re MOST WELCOME to do so.

Oops… I forgot… I was not brought up to hate. I merely dislike.

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9 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Hate Club”

  1. [...] course I’m not digging it that Jennifer Aniston is starring in this movie [...]

  2. Paul Andre says:

    Super-puper site!


  3. Jessica says:

    I love Angelina, but I actually severely disliked Jennifer way before the whole Brad/Angelina/Jennifer thing. She’s just an awful actress, looking at her annoys me, and she comes across as very bland and boring. And I dislike her more because she really milks the whole “poor Jen” thing. She needs to go away.

  4. cash advance says:

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  5. lol, Jen is so crazy! I love her.

  6. Zara Adair says:

    I just watched the film Wanderlust. Jennifer Aniston is a tramp! Hate her!

  7. erin obrien says:

    Why do people think that Jennifer Aniston is pretty?She is one of the homeliest women I have ever seen on the screen.Brad must of been drunk or smoking pot big time when he asked her to marry him.She has a spatula for a chin,eyes to close together,cresent roll smile,crooked jawline,huge jawline like a lumberjack.Good name for her lumberjack jaw.Why people call that pretty is beyond me.I will give her credit she has a nice figure,but that face ruins it all.

  8. belka says:

    i have this nagging drag horseface :)

  9. zonie says:

    oh THANKS for posting this. So nice to know I’m not alone by a long shot here. She is so overly confident she (like cleopatra) convinced everyone she was pretty and it was all the hair and her role in the show. She believes she is pretty and carries herself like a queen. I can’t STAAAAAAAAND her. She is a lousy, unbelievable actress with the description given above. Spatula chin and cresent roll smile is exactly right on. For her to be on the screen anymore is beyond me. I saw her once on a talk show and the way she took so long to answer and doesn’t smile.. just annoyed me. who does she think she is holding this grudge on her mom, too? She is a RUDE, inconsiderate and ego inflated star and while I wish her no ill.. I wish she’d fade away with someone who will make her happy. Gooood bye. Get a life.

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